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Talks about our Rideshare Adventures

September 24, 2018

We had Gabe a full time driver in Grand Rapids. // Uber instapay debacle, Issues with more passengers than you can take, and of courses stories of our crazy adventures

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If you drive a xl I am sure that you have had groups try to fit 7. My Honda Pilot has room for 7 pax but most XL’s don't. We recommend calling or texting the pax and tell them you can only take 6. That will avoid problems. If you break up the group and take some of them, chances are you are going to get a 1 star. On lyft after the ride is completed you can tell them what happened and ask for the rating not to count towards you. Uber it’s best just to cancel the ride unless they are respectful and calm about it.


With all the drama with Uber not letting you cash out you need to keep some cash in your car. At least 20 bucks to get you through. Maybe even more like 50 if you have a bigger vehicle. Just leave it in your car and dont touch it!!!! Or if you’re not comfortable with driving with cash in your vehicle buy a prepaid card and put money on it and do not touch it.

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